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Google: Project Pegasus


On the same page

With the introduction of GDPR regulations in Europe,
we’ve been looking for new ways to create relevant ad experience for our audiences.
The problem? Contextual display at scale just hasn’t been possible. Until now.

Essence and Google teamed up with the Guardian to bring to life
the first ever truly contextually relevant, Google Cloud AI-driven ads.
We called it: Project Pegasus

Concept & copy


Google Home Mini was the perfect candidate

for this bite-sized, radically useful,

test of technology.


Templated, dynamic copy framed use cases for Google home in a variety of content categories: restaurants, recipes, films, travel, sport, art and design.


By allowing the ad to have a conversation with the page content, as opposed to shouting over it, we brought more value to both The Guardian’s journalists and contributors, as well as to the many features of Google Home Mini.


Andrew Shebbeare, Essence's Chairman and Co-Founder and Emily Henderson, Head of Media at Google, EMEA, discuss this project at Advertising Week Europe 2019.


Client: Google
Agency: Essence EMEA
Creative Team: Andrew Veasey, Sarah Hiraki, Sandeep Ahluwalia, James Simmonds, Chris Lehane