Copywriter, Advertiser

Google Home: Fact Check


"Ok Google, what's trending?"

We supercharged a selection of tv spots with first-of-its-kind trending data, and refreshed content weekly.
Surveying what was trending on YouTube in a variety of categories, we put in place a rapid creative production scheme
and recorded voiceover with talent on the fly (including that of Google Home).

Together with our friends at Google, we turned a set of three tv spots into dozens of fresh preroll videos throughout the course of the campaign.

Copy & Concept


"Ok Google, what are fidget spinners?"

"Ok Google, what is the Single Market?"

"Ok Google, what is
a 'let' in tennis?"


Client: Google Home
Agency: Essence EMEA
Creative Team: Andrew Veasey, Sarah Hiraki, Sandeep Ahluwalia, Roberto Vergati